What is Lego Therapy?

Play is a child’s natural medium to learn, develop and communicate. Some children find it difficult to express themselves through talking.  Play and LEGO® Based Therapy uses play to help children explore their experiences and express themselves. 

LEGO® Based Therapy is a Social Skills Programme. It has proven to be an effective way to support children in developing their communication and social skills, increasing social interactions and social experiences as well as providing them skills to maintain friendships. The LEGO® Based Therapy programme uses children or young people’s interest in Lego® play and supports to develop their communication and social skills. This programme is also helpful for children and young people with autism spectrum disorders or social communication difficulties.

LEGO® Based Therapy programmes are available for groups and individuals.

Who can Lego Therapy help?

LEGO® Based Therapy can help children, their parents, carer, family or whanau with social skills and social interaction. It can help with issues such as:

  • Relationships, including parents, siblings & peers.
  • Social Communication Difficulties.
  • Social Skills
  • Creating and sustaining friendships.
  • Disability, Autism, ADHD, and Asperges.
  • Mild learning difficulties, language delays or difficulties with fine motor skill coordination.
  • Anxiety or worried in social situations.

Lego Therapy Sessions

Tawa Community Centre,  5 Cambridge Street, Tawa

Sessions Wednesdays during school term

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