About Play Sense

What we do

Play Sense is a therapy Service that provides play therapy and counselling to children, young people. We also offer support and consultation for parents or caregivers.

Sometimes children can have difficulties that cause them to be sad, worried, anxious or angry. As a parent, carer or professional, you may be worried about your child’s behaviour, relationships with others, growing up, and problems at pre-school, school or home. Play Therapy can help your child with these difficulties.

Who we help

We offer play therapy up to aged 18. Sometimes, play therapy can help adults too, especially with intellectual disability or autism. We also work with parents, carers and whanau to discuss their concerns and provide support. Play Sense offers individual play therapy with the child or joint play therapy with child and parent/carer.

We recognise each individual as a unique person and welcome diversity. We believe in treating everyone respectfully regardless of age, gender, ethnicity, culture, disability or sexual orientation.  We are open and accessible to all.

What happens in Play Therapy sessions?

In our first meeting, we discuss your concerns and how play therapy can help your child. Sometimes meeting with parents and carers separately from the child can be helpful.

The play therapist will spend time with your child to see how they respond to play therapy as well as discuss what will help you. We will decide together what will help you and your child.

Some children need short-term therapy, e.g. 15-20 sessions. Depending on the difficulties, long-term therapy may be needed. Usually, play therapy is once a week for 50 minutes, depending on the individual’s needs. We can discuss the duration and number of sessions with you.